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History of Slots


It’s almost impossible to come across online casinos without a decent collection of classic and video slots. These games are simple to play and require no expertise to win. Plus, there are free versions that you can play to try out the game before wagering real money.

The online slots we find today have great graphics and many come with bonus features. However, this was not always the case. Slot games date back to the 1800s when the first slot machine was created. In this article, we cover the history of slot machines.

The Humble Beginnings of Slot Machines

The first slot machine, as the story goes, was created in San Francisco in 1894. Charles Fey was credited with this invention because of the Liberty Bell. Three spinning reels, one pay line, and an automatic payout system were all features of the Liberty Bell slot machines.

Slot machines have evolved greatly over time, despite Fey’s invention enjoying some early success. For instance, in 1907, fruit symbols were introduced to the slot machine’s reels. replacing the suits and card emblems. The “Skill Stop” feature was developed by Mills Novelty company in the 1920s, allowing players to press a button to stop the reels and cause a win.

In 1963, Bally, a well-known firm in the VGT industry, unveiled the first electromechanical slot machines, also known as Money Honey. Despite its creativity, Money Honey needed the player to pull a mechanical lever in order to start the spinning reels. This lever, which was present on the early slot machines as well, is what earned these games the moniker, “The One-Armed Bandit.” Later, a button was substituted for the infamous mechanical lever.

The first video slot machine was created in 1976, and the first online casino with these modern machines launched in 1994. Later versions of these video slot machines boasted much more advanced visuals, such as high-definition and 3D images.

Progressive Slot Machines: When were These Video Slot Machines Launched?

The introduction of progressive jackpots was without a question the most exciting improvement to slot machines since Charles Fey crafted the Liberty Bell. In 1986, IGT launched Megabucks, the first progressive slot machine, and subsequent years saw the release of many other similar games.

What is the Future of Modern Slot Machines

Since online casinos became popular in the 1990s, there has been an evolution of these gaming machines. Developers kept producing more online versions that were easily accessible on computers. Thus, it saved players from having to visit brick and mortar casinos just to spin the reels of physical slot machines.

Today, there are thousands of these games, with more of them being released regularly. Online gambling companies are making the even more fun by adding features that one would not find in land based slot machines. These include free spins, expanding wilds, and bonus rounds.

What’s more, virtual reality is making its way into the online gambling industry. If this technology is included in slot machines, the gameplay will be taken to a whole new level.